Monday, February 18, 2008

Shocker Worldwide x Secret Base x Balzac Skullman Custom Paint Contest!!!

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Recently, Shocker World Wide held a custom paint contest based on the Secret Base Skullman. Supposedly, the first place will get his custom immortalized into a production run!! Wow!! There were a ton of entries and i'm a really lazy bastard so i'm only posting the top ten prize winners. Congrats to all the Skullbrain boardmembers who entered but especially to Puppet Brain and Gatchabert for 2nd and 3rd place respectively!! You can check all of them out by CLICKING HERE.

OVERALL CHAMPION: Kotetsu "Zombie Skullman"

080121-01-1 400x534

"An Amazing paint job! Naturally, it's a Zombie!! We all think the idea itself is stunning. Hiddy even, coincidentally, arrived at the same conclusion as us when it came to this entry. It was not difficult to choose this great design by 'Kotetsu' as the unanimous winner. The overall concept stays true to the image of Balzac and the application of the paint itself was superb!"

"This is a special viewpoint only seen by Balzac fans. I think this is an absolutely great job. The Zombie Skeleton idea speaks volumes about Balzac and works perfectly together. I think much thought was put into this work."

SECOND RUNNER UP: Puppet Brain "Black Blood"

stephensblack01 400x534

"We think the skilled application of the gradient and the attention to detail cannot be overlooked in this entry. This masterpiece was expressed perfectly through the simplicity of the black, white, and red colors - all key colors for Balzac."

HIROSUKE PRIZE: Gatchabert "Hot Head"

080118-01-1 400x534

"The orange head really grabbed my attention and the contrast with the blue body is great. The skill shown in the gradient paint application is remarkable. I really love the shades used on this one.

ATSUSHI PRIZE: Zodiackaz "Skull Gunsou"

080119-01-1 400x563

"A very nice army camouflage pattern. The coloring of the figure really looks like the 'Lifeguard' drink package we have here in Japan!"


080130-02-1 400x534

"I am really into the Mickey Mouse colors on this one! I liked the feeling that comes through on it, and of all the ones that utilized the Mickey Mouse colors, I think this one really stands out from the group."


080128-02-2 400x567

"Never would I have thought that a Skullman could take on this shape! A tip of the hat to great fashion sense... and very sexy!! The belt is the best!!!"

HIDDY PRIZE: Paryan "Skull Size B"

SBSH0348 400x534

"The inclusion of the brain is the coolest! The skull face matches perfectly with it. There is a huge impact on those of us who know this character."

OVER THE TOP PRIZE: Balzac Hunter "Punk Rock Skullman"

SANY0021 400x532

"Maybe this prize should have been called "best use of extra parts"! It seems like something out of 'Hokuto no Ken' ("Fist of the North Star"). It almost seems that he is going to explode at any minute! He looks really tough, but we think he's actually a big wimp. We would have liked to have seen some of the parts in some really bright an gaudy colors!"

IMPOSSIBLE TO REPRODUCE PRIZE: Skelly Bones "Yami Angel Skullman"

080130-16-1 400x532

"There would be no way to ever reproduce this one. It is stunning work. An original masterpiece made as one of a kind."

BOOBY PRIZE: Tarou "Mix Skullman"


"This one is really deplorable... an extremely horrible Mickey! It's painfully sad. Just looking at it we feel sad inside... but, on the other hand we just adore it!

The rest of the entries....


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