Wednesday, February 27, 2008

toybot studios custom T9G Walder Rangeas!!!!

IMG_2196 400x599

A buddy asked me to paint his clear purple T9G Rangeas in the Walder colorway which is essentially purple, silver and black. It's one of my very favorite colorways too. Simple, elegant, beautiful. I was worried about it looking a bit flat so I added some details. I hope you like it.

IMG_0874 400x533

IMG_2200 400x599

IMG_0878 400x533

IMG_2213 400x599

IMG_0870 400x533

IMG_2205 400x599

IMG_0868 400x533

IMG_0869 400x533

At the same time, he wanted me to paint him a Popsoda finger puppet to match the Campus Edition. He got me an opaque pink finger puppet and was told that it was clear pink underneath. To my surprise when I stripped it, it was! I liked how he turned out.

IMG_2249 400x599

IMG_2248 400x599

IMG_2250 400x599

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