Wednesday, February 06, 2008


IMG_1968 400x599

Finally, we cap off our celebration of BLObPUS 3rd Anniversary with a couple of new custom BLObPUS'. This first one could be the first custom based on the first DX. It was a sacrifice, but one i'm willing to make. Metallic blue/gold spray with purple glitter on the stomach and gold glitter on the arms. A couple of rhinestones in the skull to set this guy off!

IMG_1997 400x599

IMG_1985 400x599

IMG_1982 400x599

IMG_1991 400x599

IMG_1973 400x599

IMG_1981 400x599

IMG_1983 400x599

This next custom is based on the unpainted pink BLObPUS from the Toy Karma Show at Rotofugi. Definitely a little nod to my Pachimon 3 down below...

IMG_1894 400x599

IMG_1904 400x599

IMG_1906 400x599

IMG_1896 400x599

IMG_1898 400x599

IMG_1900 400x599

This next custom is based on the wonder clear purple KOK version.

IMG_1909 400x599

IMG_1908 400x599

IMG_1907 400x599

IMG_1929 400x599

And finally, the BLObPUS that started it all....Paul Kaiju's legendary Wally. This was the piece that I saw almost two years ago at Paul's show at Super7. I didn't know anything about Japanese vinyl, let alone BLObPUS. I fell in love with this sculp because of Paul's amazing custom paint job. To this day, it still inspires me when I look at it.

IMG_1949 400x599

IMG_1950 400x599

IMG_1952 400x599

IMG_1953 400x599

So there you have it. Two new customs and two old customs that I hope pays a fitting tribute to BLObPUS' 3rd Anniversary!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wahahheahhhhhh!!!!!! Wally blobp was soo mine...

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