Tuesday, February 05, 2008


IMG_1934 400x599

To celebrate BLObPUS' 3rd Anniversary, I thought we could showcase my favorite sculp with a few of my favorite versions, show off this year's Lucky Bag Blobs and then tomorrow show off two brand new BLObPUS customs and two older ones (including the Paul Kaiju custom that started it all)

So here we have perhaps my favorite BLObPUS which is the red vinyl Pachimon 3:

IMG_1933 400x599

IMG_1937 400x599

Ocean BLObPUS. This one came with a BLObPi and a litle balsa boat...

IMG_1947 400x599

IMG_1946 400x599

IMG_1948 400x599

oooh, this clear purple "Mu-Ta" version took a while and cost a pretty penny...

IMG_1939 400x599

IMG_1940 400x599

IMG_1941 400x599

Can't go wrong with this Chinese New Year's version! How appropriate cause it's now Chinese New Year!! Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!

IMG_1942 400x599

IMG_1943 400x599

IMG_1944 400x599

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