Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Wonder Festival 2008 Coverage from Plastica Entertainment!!!

2290884049_365140c8f6_o 400x533

More Wonder Festival 2008 coverage from Japanese toy blog Plastica Entertainment!! Plastica Entertainment is run by fellow toy blogger and collector Jin Furukawa. He has great taste in toys and friends as he is close to Ken at our favorite One Up as well as toy designer Touma. Thank You Jin for the pictures!!!!


Me want this Skuttle....Now!!! C'mon, blue and purple on a clear Skuttle?? They should be naming this toybot studios Skuttle! hahaha!

2287956599_fd0e71bc8c_o 400x299

2287956525_f42ede6c85_o 400x299

2288746486_f94329a0dc_o 400x299

2288746408_73bcfa230b_o 400x299

2287957387_f8b518953c_o 400x299

Max Toy Co Eyezons. First picture above is an exclusive Eyezon painted by Cronic! How sick is that?

2287955513_679f0063ea_o 400x299

Itokin Park is my very latest obsession. First Mikazukin, now this Glacier Himalan. Love this guy!!

2288746014_6c9415e597_o 400x533

2288745752_98913b42c9_o 400x299

BLObPUS Crossfire and Rangeas

2287956423_dd8c8f9d5e_o 400x299

Carlos Enriquez

2287955387_c070285803_o 400x299

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