Thursday, February 28, 2008

Onell Design New Pheyden Colorways!!!

IMG_2313 400x599

I just recently received my first Onell Design Pheyden and Crayboth figures. Thanks Matt!! Couple of things you notice right away...these guys are beautiful. The clears look like Gummy Bears and you wanna bite their head off! They instantly remind you of Takara's Micromen, but they are smaller at less than 3" inches tall. However, most important, when you pick these guys up, they have a slight heft that is very satisfying in-hand and they just feel SOLID. The sculp is amazing and the joints are nice and tight. Awesome articulation in all the right spots and just plain satisfying to play with. I think Takara and any action figure manufacturer could learn alot from Onell Design.

Also making their first appearance are some brand new color versions of Pheyden and Exellis. Each version has some kind of connection to things we loved as children. Influences range from tiny metallic plastic Star Raiders figures, Big Daddy Roth, Rat Fink, Antron, Membros, Henshin Cyborg and Saturday mornings in front of the tube (Galaxy High anyone?). This selection is a direct homage to the things that keep us smiling; a tiny representation of very big memories that are always fun to recall.

IMG_2305 400x599

IMG_2306 400x599

IMG_2308 400x599

IMG_2301 400x599

IMG_2299 400x599

IMG_2297 400x599

IMG_2293 400x599

IMG_2289 400x599

These Crayboths below are a newer design for Onell. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but they are really tiny. At only 1.5 inches tall, they are kinda like a mini crustacean sidekick....

IMG_2319 400x599

IMG_2323 400x599

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