Sunday, February 03, 2008

Real x Head Store Grand Opening!!!

2233836813_89d34e2782_o 400x299

Wow, this was a big toy weekend! Saturday was the Grand Opening of the first RealxHead retail store in Tokyo. Super Collector Mark "LivingDead" as well our friends from Kaiju-Taro were there to experience it first hand. Thanks for the pics guys!!!


Mori and the RxH Crew:

2233836745_196d77b104_o 400x533

2233836949_4a5ec0fb24_o 400x299

2233836881_0521482909_o 400x533

IMG_4445 400x533

IMG_4465 400x533

IMG_4470 400x299

IMG_4467 400x299

IMG_4462 400x299

IMG_4463 400x299

IMG_4457 400x299

IMG_4453 400x299

Of course, what would a Grand Opening be without some exclusive toys?? Luckily, we don't have to be at the Grand Opening to get these! They will be available at Super7 and affiliated distribution partners in the next couple of weeks...

080201-mini_head 400x554

080201-bigaro 400x574

080201-bero 400x499

080201-babyfortune 400x479

What do you think of this new sculp?

080201-skull 400x629

chaosredsmhp6 400x524

Mori waves goodbye! Come Back Again!!

IMG_4480 400x299

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