Monday, February 25, 2008

Bwana Spoons x Itokin Park = Cosmic Hippy Trippy Mikazukin!!!!

2287711542_caf345aaa2_o 400x254

I LoVE RaD collaborations!!! I think they make the toy world go round. You get two awesome artists together to create something new, freaky, fresh, hippy and trippy!! In this case, two of my favorites!! Witness the cosmic and whimsical fantasy of Bwana Spoons x the simple, elegant, uber-cute lines of Itokin Park and you get something very special. An extremely limited set of ten numbered custom Itokin Park Mikazukins painted by Bwana Spoons. No two are alike. On sale this week to Bwana's Fan Club and any left over will go on sale on his site above.

2287684364_7e03486418_o 400x400

2286898189_3b367ccd83_o 400x400

2286898649_3af58b66c1_o 400x400

2287685606_2f8b780260_o 400x400

2287685980_27eed4e37c_o 400x400

2286899773_67fdeba034_o 400x400

2287686740_a930472ca5_o 400x400

2287687164_65b4e58320_o 400x400

2286901043_c6dc23ab35_o 400x400

2286901433_5ee9c42bed_o 400x400

2286924017_6c974662b4_o 400x225
2287711012_d5d3cd56f2_o 400x256
2287712018_b2d66562a4_o 400x248

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