Wednesday, February 20, 2008

toybot studios Custom Jet Jaguar!!!

IMG_2114 400x599

I've been wanting to paint this Jet Jaguar for a long time. I never liked the original colorway. But this little bastard was a paint in the butt to paint. It was the most difficult masking job yet and I didn't do it very well. I am pleased with the colorway. I didn't intended it to look like EVA 01, but it does. I might re-do him when I learn how to mask better.

IMG_2113 400x599

IMG_2120 400x599

IMG_2122 400x599

IMG_2115 400x599



viniciustlc said...

Great! He looks like a Evil Jet Jaguar!hehe

defghui said...

yo. im from SF also, was wondering where i might be able to pick up one of those sd jet jaguars. that's not a bad paintjob either by the way

toybot studios said...

not terribly easy to find these Jet Jags any longer. they were released a couple of years ago and are relatively hard to come by these days. I got mine on Yahoo Japan auctions.

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