Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kaiju-Taro Exclusive Amapro ST Naruton!!!

naruton_eating 400x146

Kaiju-Taro has released an exclusive Amapro Naruton figure in a standard size 9" in a beautiful clear. I love the marketing gimick with the "Cup of Noodles". As a college student, I lived off of these. As an underpaid lackey, I survived off of these. Now as someone who spends too much money on Japanese toys, I thrive on Cup of Noodles! Of couse, the face of the Naruton looks just like the fishcake you might find in your Udon, but not in your Cup of Noodles...!! lol...!! Buy in now for around $50 at Kaiju-Taro

FRONT 400x551

Naruton 400x824

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