Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pushead x Secret Base Full Color and devilClot Skull Captains!!!

IMG_1643 400x599

When I first got a glimpse of this Pushead full color Skull Captain produced by Secret Base, last July during San Diego Comic Con, I almost hit the floor. It looked like a Handpaint. It was really too much to hope that it would become a "factory" production run because of all the details. But here we are and here it is. Just beautiful.

IMG_1650 400x599

IMG_1648 400x599

Pour one for 'da ladies...

IMG_1652 400x599

and one for my homies...

IMG_1657 400x599

IMG_1649 400x599

IMG_1658 400x599

IMG_1644 400x599

IMG_1640 400x599

We were also blessed to get hold of a very elusive devilClot Skull Pirate. Not to be confused with the Vitamin C Skull Pirate, the devilClot version is more transparent, comes with the devilClot logo straight on the bottle and a devilClot hand towel.

IMG_1664 400x599

IMG_1663 400x599

IMG_1662 400x599

IMG_1666 400x599

IMG_1670 400x599

I love Pushead's art. I'd love to have some hanging on my wall. But because we tend to be so excited about the toys, we often overlook some of Pushead's best art that is encapsulated right on the header card!! Sadly, even framed, a header card would be pretty small to hang on your wall...

IMG_1673 400x599

IMG_1676 400x599

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