Thursday, January 10, 2008

Buff Monster Custom Gargamel!!!!

B7980F_fullsize 400x400

You may not immediately recognize Buff Monster's trademark use of Hot pink, but undoubtably you have seen his artwork somewhere. You just didn't know it. From his website:

buff banner 400x160

The artist Buff Monster channels the Buff Monster spirit through high doses of heavy metal, kaiju and ice cream. His first inspired output occurred in 2001, nailing flattened spray cans to telephone poles. And since 2002 he has been inspired to post thousands of silk-screened posters in the streets. Now that many people all over the world know the Buff Monster characters, he is free to tell their story and show everyone their world. It's a happy world called Lollipop Land, full of ice cream, fun and adventure. There are mounds of ice cream piled high and an abundance of squirting breasts and clouds; "Pink is Power" is the foundation of Lollipop Land. And Buff has worked with big companies to help get the word out; Nike, Hurley, the Standard Hotel, Vans, Hustler and Vivid all enjoy Lollipop Land. The imagery has also been seen in lots of books and magazines and art galleries. The first in a series of vinyl figures were released in July 2007, and there are more on the way. When Buff Monster isn't designing new toys and merchandise, he takes on very select freelance design projects. These projects range from magazine design and creative direction to specialty cross over items.

Now if you are into toys of any kind at all, you have seen these everywhere recently...

buff monster 400x400

But did you know that Buff Monster collects Japanese vinyl too? He just started painting said vinyl and has managed to make it notably his own style. Awesome stuff here...

bigzag1 400x599

bigzag2 400x599

bigzag3 400x599

zag1 400x599

zag3 400x599

docross1 400x599

docross3 400x599

docross4 400x599

dorogami1 400x599

dorogami3 400x599

beralgon1 400x599

beralgon3 400x599

tetran1 400x599

tetran3 400x599

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