Friday, January 18, 2008

Brains by Paul Kaiju Revisited!!!

IMG_1727 400x599

I have been fortunate to acquire these Paul Kaiju custom Secret Base Skullbrains off the secondary market. Any opportunity I can get to acquire another Paul Kaiju custom, I'm gonna take it. The problem is that most collectors that commission Paul for a piece are not likely to give it up.

This Lava Brain is one of Paul's favorite. That's funny cause it's one of mine too!!

IMG_1704 400x599

IMG_1708 400x599

IMG_1711 400x599

IMG_1709 400x599

IMG_1710 400x599

Stitch Brain...

IMG_1714 400x599

IMG_1716 400x599

IMG_1719 400x599

IMG_1723 400x599


IMG_1729 400x599

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