Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hiddy's Special New Year's Lucky Bag!!

IMG_4207 400x299

Fanatic Secret Base super collector Mark "Living Dead" loves to camp in the streets to ensure he is first in line for any major toy release in Japan. New Year's Eve was no exception. From the sounds of things, his NYE party was in front of Secret Base!!

Mark was first in the door at Secret Base on New Year's day and as he saw numerous 15,000 yen Lucky Bags, there was ONE huge 50,000 yen Lucky Bag! Mark asked what it was and the reply was: "Hiddy's Special Lucky Bag!" I can almost picture Mark's face as he thought about it for around a nano-second before he blurted out he would take it!! From the looks of things, he made the right decision:

* Secret Base Stadium Jacket valued at 57,750 yen alone
* Usugrow Sweat Jacket 20,000 yen easily
* DIY Multi-colored set
* Black Prototype Bee
* Vitamin C Skull Captain below
* Raider Skull Pirate ? serious?
* 3 Ultimate Battle Figures
* Key chains and stickers

IMG_4174 400x299

IMG_4213 400x533

IMG_4210 400x299

IMG_4208 400x533

IMG_4193 400x533

Vitamin C Captain next to Devilclot Captain to show the differences... Vitamin C Captain is slightly more opaque

IMG_4195 400x299

and a little more grapefruit in color...

IMG_4199 400x299

IMG_4168 400x299

Why they would make another Captain in such a similar colorway is beyond me. I'm gonna guess it was not intentional. Maybe the Vitamin C Captain was the first batch of the Devilclot Captain and the color was off so they had to do over...which results in super crazy limited edition Vitamin C Skull Captain...

IMG_4169 400x299

Mark also got this splatter Obake

IMG_4164 400x533

IMG_4187 400x299

and of course the full color Skull Captain...

IMG_4165 400x533

Great Haul Mark!! Looks like it's already been a Happy New Year's for you!!!

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