Friday, January 18, 2008

Paul Kaiju Custom "Miami" Kaws vs Pushead Companion!!!

IMG_1702 400x599

A custom painted Paul Kaiju Kaws vs Pushead Companion has always been high on my Want List but not easily attainable. I had to get a GID KvP at a reasonable price in order to be able to afford the extensive PK makeover. In the end, I hope you agree it was all worth it. Thanks Paul, I love it!

IMG_1694 400x599

IMG_1695 400x599

IMG_1701 400x599

IMG_1691 400x599

IMG_1690 400x599

IMG_1689 400x599

IMG_1681 400x599

IMG_1678 400x599

Blue Light Special GID Pic by Paul Kaiju himself!!!


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Anonymous said...

please check out David Foox new vinyl line called ORGAN DONORS.

They were released at NY COMIC CON a few days ago and you can see them here below at these links:

and buy them here


the badger

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