Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rumbles Monsters Says: "Fuck the Toys"!!

200801_re 400x318

The Rumble Monsters website greets us today with this rather cryptic but cool picture. Nothing else. No explanation.

What does it mean?

I hope it means we can buy that figure. It Rocks! Maybe it means Rumble Monsters is expanding to other stuff beyond toys. Maybe it means no more toys at all?

UPDATE 1/8/08:

Got a very quick response from Rumble Monsters via email:

Rumble-Monsters will be completely closed for several months. This is just a refreshing period for the artist/owner of Rumble-Monsters. R-M should be opened back up sometime in spring of this year. So please do not worry.

While this sounds like a bummer (and it is), RM is essentially one guy who has a full time job designing cars in Japan, so with as many toys as he has been putting out lately, it's no wonder he might be a little burnt out. I see this break as a good thing cause i'd like to see some new sculps (like a mini Pharaon) when he returns!!

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