Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Pimp My Ride" Mad Toyz Mad Frankie!!!

IMG_1740 400x599

I love this over the top stylized sculp of Mad Frankie from Mad Toyz. Definitely pays homage to the "Rat Fink" style of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. While the sculp is awesome, I was not a fan of colorway so I purchased it specifically to paint. Although it looks like the same colors everywhere, there are actually several different shades of green, blue and purple hidden in this figure. I added a few stickers and some jewels to give it that "Pimp My Ride" quality....!!


10323 400x400

Picture from Super7. You can get your own Mad Frankie for $95 and either leave it alone or paint it yourself by clicking HERE.

IMG_1745 400x599

IMG_1743 400x599

IMG_1742 400x599

IMG_1747 400x599

IMG_1754 400x599

IMG_1735 400x599

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