Thursday, January 24, 2008

toybot studios Custom Real x Head Chaos!!!

IMG_1760 400x599

These are my first two custom RealxHead Chaos figures. I tried the "Fighting Spirit" technique of rubbing off the paint to reveal the contrasting vinyl underneath, but leaving paint in all the nooks and crannies. While not perfect, I do like how this first one turned out. The base is the Kaiju-Taro Black pearl Chaos.

IMG_1762 400x599

IMG_1766 400x599

IMG_1769 400x599

IMG_1767 400x599

IMG_1770 400x599

This next guy, I struggled a bit...It's based on the solid Red Chaos from one of the festivals last year. I got it from Super7. When I first painted it with metallic light and royal blue, he looked a lot like Ultraman. I'm still not crazy about it. I may have to send him to an acetone bath and have a do-over.

IMG_1773 400x599

IMG_1778 400x599

IMG_1780 400x599

IMG_1776 400x599

IMG_1779 400x599

IMG_1828 400x599

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