Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One-Up x Itokin-Park Handpainted MIKAZUKIN!!!


I'm sad to report that I don't own any toys from Itokin-Park. The character design is classic Japanese: cute, simple, bright and whimsical. Generally speaking, they wouldn't fit into my collection. A casual observer might think they belong in a Sanrio store rather than the realm of Japanese "Designer" toys. However, I've always been drawn to their somewhat simple, but sophisticated design.

So while making the rounds on the 'net today and checking out what Ken had going on his new One Up site, I was elated to see a series of 21 new custom Itokin-Park MIKAZUKIN figures that will go on sale on January 10th. The wonderful colors and especially the clears blew me away. Interestingly, the group of 21 is broken up into 3 tiers of availability giving everyone a chance to score one of these custom figures! There are total seven different styles in three different colorways. I'm not totally sure how tall these guys are but if you look at Itokin-Park's website, they look a lot bigger than yo might think. They could be 9 inches or taller...!! Prices vary from 10,500 yen ($100 USD) to 16,800 yen ($160 USD).

I think it's awesome for Ken to have these 3 different ways to get these amazing figures. Especially the overseas order versions. I'm hoping I get the one I want which is the purple tiger stripe!!!

The first tier of seven figures are for walk-in customers to One-Up on January 10th in Japan.

16 400x269

3 400x270

10 400x262

15 400x271

4 400x273

19 400x270

7 400x267

This next tier of seven are for Japan residents via mail-in lottery form:

1 400x270

18 400x274

12 400x269

21 400x269

14 400x272

5 400x268

8 400x266

This last tier of seven figures are for us overseas chaps via email order!!

17 400x272

2 400x269

11 400x263

9 400x264

13 400x265

20 400x268

6 400x274

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GavinR said...

man, those are amazing.

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