Friday, January 04, 2008

Gargamel Lucky Bags 2008!!!!

luckybag02 400x599

Gargamel Lucky Bags were released this past weekend to great fanfare and frustration. Fanfare cause there was some pretty sweet loot inside (they are blind bagged). Frustration because they were a tad hard to track down. At $400 for 7 figures right after Christmas, this purchased stretched the budget, but hardcore Gargamel fans ate them up heartily. Sadly, yours truly did not have said budget (but still consider myself a Gargamel Groupie). Last year's Lucky Bags were definitely more ambitious. This year, we have 1large figure and 6 mini figures. Since I only maybe want the blue Hedoran and the painted Smogun, it wouldn't have made a lot of sense to spend the $400. Hard to believe there are no large or regular mini Zags. I not feeling the crouching zag for some reason....

ajb603 on Skullbrain was the first to post pics of his Lucky Bag treasures and I thank him for posting these pics and allowing me to re-post...

The painted Hedoran above is like 1/12. Crazy rare. The actual Lucky Bag below.

luckybag01 400x599

Painted golden smogun...also pretty rare. This dude has mass toy karma...!!!

luckybag05 400x599

fatboysota-img600x402-1199161184rimg0288 400x268

More common, but unbelievably sweet faded blue Hedoran...

f_123123m_1a62ca1 400x268

Gameppas made a long-awaited return to the spotlight!

luckybag07 400x599

luckybag13 400x599

luckybag09 400x599

luckybag11 400x599

luckybag14 400x599

luckybag15 400x266

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