Monday, January 28, 2008

Kozik x Real x Head = 36" Mutant Evil: Huge is the New Mini!!!

dsc00404pn5 400x740

Frank Kozik is producing a Three Foot tall RealxHead Mutant Evil. It's being sculpted by this guy Rommel above in the Philippines and will be made out fiberglass. $500 base price not including shipping. As soon as the sculp is approved by Mori at Real x Head, Frank will be taking orders over at Skullbrain . Better start saving!!! Fuck this guy is gonna scare the hell out of my kids!!!

omfg963 400x553

readytokickurass270 400x513

Last I understood things, the colorway is going to be this "Nightstalker" custom job that Frank did. I hope so cause I like this waaaaay better than Frank's first choice which was an old school yellow version.


2nd choice colorway. Which one do you prefer?


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