Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Super 7's Midnight Marauder Squirm!!!!


Super7 is proud to present the MIDNIGHT MARAUDER SQUIRM!!

Squirm is the brand-new next character in Super7's SNAKES OF INFINITY line of soft vinyl Fight Figures. Designed by Brian Flynn and sculpted by Cosmo Liquid, the Midnight Marauder Squirm is 4.5" tall and cast in black vinyl with yellow spray.

The Snakes of Infinity are a near endless team of monster villains set upon conquering the world as part of the secret evil organization, D.A.R.K. (Diabolical Animal Regenerative Killers). D.A.R.K. is led by the maniacal scientist Dr. Killgore, who creates each monster with a terrifying mix of man and beast. The Snakes of Infinity appear to rise from the shadows of the world, ready to strike at any moment, and when one monster dies, three others seemingly take its place.

Will the world ever be safe again? Or will D.A.R.K.ness and their Zombie henchmen rule forever?

The MIDNIGHT MARAUDER SQUIRM will be offered for sale at $50 from the Super7 Store and Distribution Network, Saturday January 26, 11am Pacific.

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