Sunday, January 20, 2008

Super Saturday at Super 7 last Saturday!!

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It's been a couple of weeks, so a few of us local Skullbrainers got together on Saturday at the mother ship: Super7. There were toys to be picked up, friends to see and toys to be traded. "SmilingIdiot" aka Minh and his gf Lisa were in town from Chicago also. After the toy pick-ups which included a couple of bubble Chaos from Superfest recently, we headed over to Japan Center for lunch. Afer lunch, we tried a "Tradefest", but only me and Lokash actually brought toys. I still made out with a LamourSupreme x Mutant Massacre Mini and a Lucky Bag Dokuroman.

Motley Crew above (l2r): Bannedindc (Alex), gatchabert (bert) doing his best Bono, Locomoco (keith), smilingidiot (minh) and gf of smilingidiot (Lisa).

Minh and Lisa:

IMG_0554 400x533

Locomoco describing his ideal size for a Super Zagoran! Hiding is Katsu Shin (Andrew) and in front to the right is Lokash (Jeremy)

IMG_0552 400x299

IMG_0553 400x299

Toy Du Jour: M1GO Jet Jaguar S7 Exclusive!

IMG_0546 400x533

IMG_0547 400x533

Bert also brought his custom Skullman he entered into the Shocker World Wide Custom Skullman contest. It's really nice!!

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IMG_0558 400x533

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