Sunday, January 13, 2008

Been There: Underbelly by Ben Tour at Fifty24SF Gallery!!!

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I swung by the Ben Tour show at Fifty24SF Gallery last Thursday. I don't anything about art, but this dude has mad skillz. He was pretty nice and willing to talk as well. I later found out he's from Vancouver so that explained that. Canadians are waaay too nice. What struck me right away about his art were the eyes. At first glance, the subjects look sullen, but I don't think they are. How Ben can depict such emotion through the eyes is beyond me. I asked him if these were real people and he replied that they are characters made up of bits and pieces of different people he does know.

If you're in town, make it a point to check out this show which runs through January 31, 2008.

Fifty24SF Gallery
248 Fillmore Street,
San Franicisco, CA

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I told him this painted reminded me of Priss from "Bladerunner". He quickly replied that this is what several people have said. It intriqued him so much so that he went out and re-watched the movie and understands why people would say that.

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