Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bwana x Martin x Koji x Gargamel = Radness in February!!!


A tribe of eco-friendy, tree-loving, whale-saving buddies and artists including Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Koji Harmon and Gargamel will be releasing a bunch of awesome figures in February!!

We kick it off on February 1st at Bwana's store / gallery with "Rock & Roll" Fantasy featuring new works of Martin Ontiveros and the release of a new Ojo Rojo figure from Gargamel. It's bigger than the mini Ojo Rojo but smaller than a normal fight figure. Arms and head will be articulated. I hope it comes in some kind of painted clear. I can hardly wait!!

ojoclear 400x720

OjoTest 400x299

Next, Bwana and Koji are gonna release a Killer 2-Pack at the end of January with a portion of the proceeds going to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which was in the news recently for attacking Japanese whaling ships to protect the whales.

L1020330 400x224

Koji's Killer paint application was inspired by Japanese carp!

2206123415_9b08997790 400x299

Lastly, towards the middle of February, Bwana will release a series of "Cosmic" Smoguns.... I love this guy

L1020301 400x584

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