Friday, January 04, 2008

New Real x Head Colorway????

otu11-img450x600-1199256272sof_058 400x533

I saw these on YJA last night and freaked out. I thought they were a new colorway for Superfestival or something. So, in a panic, I sent emails to Josh and Hiro over at Super7 asking them if they were going to carry these and if so, when. Josh replied back that these are not production pieces. They are actually customs.....! LOL. Mystery Solved. They look pretty good, though! Pictures stolen off YJA...

otu11-img450x600-1199256462sof_046 400x533

otu11-img450x600-1199255654sof_053 400x533

otu11-img450x600-1199256635sof_050 400x533

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