Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Invisible Kaiju Pack '08!!!

IMG_1604 400x266

I picked up my Invisible Kaiju Pack from Super7 which was produced by Gargamel in a crazy five-way collaboration with BUSTER CALL, Charatics, Rumble Monsters and Sunguts. I was desparately hoping to get the super limited painted Beetlar, Mini Bander or Mini Damnedron...hell, any chase would do. Sadly and I mean sadly my package did not come with even one painted figure. But the good news is that this amazing, wonderfully blue Buster Call Beetlar made up for it!! What about this clear purple Mini Damnedron? All of these guys might have to fall victim to my airbrush....muuuwwaahhahahaha! Well, prolly not the Beetlar...


IMG_1577 400x599

IMG_1579 400x599

IMG_1581 400x599

Love the Mini Damnedron! Rumble Monsters, When are we gonna see Mini Pharaons??

IMG_1593 400x599

IMG_1592 400x599

Charatics Mini Bander

IMG_1586 400x599

IMG_1589 400x599

Gargamel Crouching Mini Zag. I guess I like that you could put this sculp in any of the other Charatics vehicles, but I might be too lazy for that. I prefer the classic Mini Zag...

IMG_1596 400x599

IMG_1594 400x599

This Sunguts flower dude was the least favorite on paper, but when you get this guy in hand, there is something very appealing about the vinyl and the sculp!!

IMG_1598 400x599

IMG_1599 400x599

IMG_1601 400x599

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