Thursday, January 24, 2008

Real x Head "Fighting Spirit" Chaos'!!!

IMG_1822 400x599

These are 3 out of the 4 RealxHead "Fighting Spirit" Chaos that have been released so far. The series uses a paint application where the top layer of paint is rubbed off to reveal the contrasting color vinyl underneath in certain parts and leaving paint in all the nooks and crannys. I think it's quite striking.

The first "Fighting Spirit" Chaos was released right here in the US at Toy Tokyo in New York City. Yellow vinyl with green spray rubbed off. Someone nick named this guy the "Salad Chaos"...

IMG_1804 400x599

IMG_1805 400x599

IMG_1802 400x599

IMG_1806 400x599

IMG_1808 400x599

The next "Fighting Spirit" Chaos released was a very special release for Hiro Hayashi' Art of the Rising Sons Show at Super7. Featuring pink vinyl with metallic red spray rubbed off.

IMG_1794 400x599

IMG_1801 400x599

IMG_1797 400x599

IMG_1799 400x599

The third Chaos in the series is this amazing Junkspot release featuring yellow vinyl with red spray rubbed off.

IMG_1783 400x599

IMG_1790 400x599

IMG_1786 400x599

IMG_1792 400x599

IMG_1793 400x599

Sadly, the most recent member of the "Fighting Spirit" Chaos team has not arrived yet. But here is a pretty good picture. This one is also a Junkspot exclusive. Green vinyl with black spray rubbed off.


IMG_1825 400x599

Check back tommorrow for two toybot studios custom "Fighting Spirit" Chaos!!!!

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