Sunday, January 27, 2008

LASH x Real x Head Customs Ryusei "Galaga" Ninja!!!


2224045133_d06ef3bfc0 400x579

LASH busts out with the homage to the serious old skool coin-op, "GALAGA"!! If I had a nickel for every quarter that I pumped into this machine at the local 7-11.....lemme tell you. One of my all-time favorite video games. Based on a RealxHead Ryusei Ninja, this custom is galatic!


LASH does this classic vid justice rocking not only the V-Color, but also the House of Kolor paints! Check out that flake? Damn...cosmic, like i'm playing the game all possum-like. Waiting to get captured so I can blast your insect ass double-fisted space ship style.

2224045137_729220a807 400x660

2224045143_dac453764a 400x299

2224045153_208e99e8e7 400x579

2224045159_443502633e 400x533

LASH's new header card rules!! Hey.....wait a minute...!

2224151917_ae779fe380 400x476


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