Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ningyoushi New Year's Special Gargamel Mini Zag!!!

IMG_1515 400x599

Ningyoushi ushers in 2008 with this sick Gargamel Mini Zag in gold vinyl with black spray inspired by Macross' 20th Anniversary. Available exclusively at Ningyoushi on January 3rd at noon for $40. Limited quantities. Sign up for the Ningyoushi newsletter for even more special offers....

IMG_1510 400x599

IMG_1516 400x599

IMG_1512 400x599

It's a bit hard to tell from these photo's, but although it looks like gold paint, it's actually Gargamel's suspended aluminum flake inside clear yellow/gold vinyl. It's quite beautiful up close.

IMG_1517 400x599


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