Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rotofugi x Junkspot Lottery Chaos'!!!!!

IMG_1820 400x599

I was very, very fortunate to win this Lottery RealxHead Chaos from one of the Junkspot flesh sets at Super7. You buy the RealxHead flesh set and have a 1 in 5 chance of winning this Chaos absolutely free! How awesome is that!! Thank you Brian for pulling my name! Totally made my month!! Obviously, I love the color!!

IMG_1816 400x599

IMG_1818 400x599

IMG_1817 400x599

This next RealxHead Chaos is from the awesome Toy Karma show curated by Mark Nagata at Rotofugi in Chicago last September. Great job Kirby, Whitney and Mark. You guys picked a great Chaos to have at the show! More RealxHead exclusives!!!

IMG_1809 400x599

IMG_1812 400x599

IMG_1813 400x599

IMG_1814 400x599

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