Thursday, August 19, 2010

Great Mazinger 2 Foot Tall Cake..!

Great Mazinger Cake

wow, this 2 foot tall wedding cake baked by the nerds at Whipped Bake Shop in Philly gets props for sheer engineering. Like how did you get it to stand up? How are those arms not falling off? This cake satifies both the foodie and mecha in me. Thanks for posting hellopike..!

Our first sweet is a surprise groom’s cake. Here’s Tranzor Z fully assembled and awaiting his entrance at the Tyler Arboretum. Except for a food-safe structural skeleton and glowing LED eyes, he’s all edible–all two and a half feet of him. The buildings, legs, torso and head of the robot are all made of chocolate fudge cake filled with raspberry Italian meringue buttercream. The rest is rice krispy treats, poured sugar “glass” and glittery fondant fire and such.

Great Mazinger Cake

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