Monday, August 02, 2010

Lulubell Japan Announces First Production Piece: Betty Hairy Honey..!

Faces of SDCC 2010

Lulubell Toys & Lulubell Japan are proud to announce their first full scale production piece, Betty Hairy Honey! Betty Hairy Honey was designed by French artist Stephane Blanquet and produced by Lulubell Japan. Prototypes reared their delicious head at SDCC in the DKE booth, with Yellow & Lavender being NFS artists proofs, and black & white versions in an uber-limited run being up for grabs. The few remaining pieces of these first unpainted versions will go up for sale on August 3rd at 3pm pacific time at Lulubell Toys ($45 usd) Deemed the "sleeper hit of SDCC", this soft release will be followed up by the first painted release to hit sometime in Fall 2010.


Betty Hairy Lulubell Japan

Betty Hairy Lulubell Japan

This piece marks the delineation of Lulubell Toys (US) and Lulubell Japan. Lulubell Toys (US) will continue to bring you the vast offerings you have come to expect: cutting edge western vinyl releases, Japanese Sofubi & Kaiju, artist designer apparrel and more. Lulubell US will continue to add new and up-and-coming makers to their Japanese line-up, and add a huge education piece to their mix via their newly designed blog which will launch this Fall. They will also add production to the mix, which will focus on taking new & established artists to a whole new level in vinyl!

Lulubell Japan takes a different direction than Lulubell US. Lulu JP will push the limits of toy making, with out of the box artists & designs from all over the globe. Expect the unexpected here.

Betty Hairy Lulubell Japan

Lulubell Toys was founded in 2005 by Luke Rook. He had spent time teaching English in Taiwan & that is where is love affair with toys began. Upon his return to the US, he found the offerings lacking, and decided to take matters into his own hands and open Lulubell Toy Bodega in Tucson, AZ. Amy Del Castillo joined the mix in late 2007 with a drive to share the wonders which are Lulubell with the world. went live February 6, 2008 and the rest is international history. Luke is a creative mastermind who enjoys pushing the limits and making the impossible come to life, and Lulubell Japan will be a direct reflection of his amazing influence. Amy is the conservative one, who leans more towards uncovering hidden talents which need to be discovered, and of course loves all things cute. Expect Lulubell US to open your eyes to amazing new talents and serious "awwww" factor, in addition to everything you come to expect from Lulu US.

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