Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get Ready: Heavy Bramble Arrives...!


Prepare thy loins and credit cards as they are about to be crushed under the massive weight of the 3A Heavy Bramble 2.5. An upgraded Bramble in the proper 1:6 scale with a schwang of a rocket launcher that is reportedly 21.5" long. dude...that's almost embarassing. This gun is so large that it will make all your other toys weep in fear. Seriously take out a tape measure and see for yourself. I could take this gun and club a baby seal with it.

Large Martin was a major success for Rothchild, its ability to bring down sustained, very accurate death was lauded. BUT the price of a Large Martin unit, made it not so attractive to some factions. Rothchild never wanting to let a potential market be wasted, devised an upgrade scheme for the Bramble MK2. With an arm, head and engine upgrade, the newly christened Bramble MK2.5 Heavy was able to wield the P.O.R.N.S.T.A.R RPG, the first AI driven weapon introduced to the theatre of war. This combination of budget upgrade and leary RPG made the MK2.5 a popular addition to all forces.

Secure your own MK2.5 today at 6:00pm PST at Bambaland Store

Bramble wil be available in these configurations:

single = $280 usd, this price includes shipping anywhere
double pack = $520 usd, this price includes shipping anywhere
four pack = $1000 usd, this price includes shipping anywhere

As with all bambaland sales, items are limited ! All prices are before 3AA discount.

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