Wednesday, August 04, 2010

3A WWR Grave Digger Bramble 2.5 Heavy

3A Grave Digger Bramble

Crap. 3A is making it really hard to save any money whatsoever. Above is the newly released picture of the Grave Digger Bramble 2.5 Heavy. It comes with a giant rocket launcher the size of a baseball bat (almost). standing almost 15" tall, this is not a toy you fuck with. I was all ready to purchase the Pink Dawn version and be happy, but since i don't own any WWR Brambles, this could be my one shot to remedy that quickly. But I would be in the hole another $600 bones for the set. ugh... but you already know what to do right? You can stop collecting when you die.

btw, is Grave Digger Straight Edge?

They go up for pre-order on August 11th at 6pm PST for $280 each at Bambaland Store.



rhinomilk said...

alright, the black one might pop my 3A cherry. I just want one huge-ass baller one. How does it work though? Everyone is basically guaranteed one (since it is a pre-order) or are they stupid limited?

toybot studios said...

yeah, these guys are pretty sweet. But they are huge so you better have the space... yeah, better get to bambaland store at 6pm on the 11th. even though they are pre-order, they can sell out.

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