Sunday, August 08, 2010

3A Bramble 2.5 Heavy Deimos and JEA Colorways..!



3A throws down another bomb last week with the annoucement of two additional colorways for the Heavy Bramble 2.5: Deimos and JEA. The fact that there are two additional colorways is awesome. with Deimos being a completely new blue colorway. The thought of a BLUE Bramble sent me into a hizzy, but I gotta tell ya, i'm not feeling it. Not sure why. Maybe it's the blue and yellow? I don't know. Never been a JEA fan myself either. The good news is that the choice is easy: Pink Dawn and Grave Digger. Four pack and possibly a Two pack will be available. August 11th at 6pm PST at Bambaland Store. Don't sleep on these cause there are limited amounts of each.





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