Monday, November 26, 2007

Mospeada Cyclone 2007 Beauty Contest!!!

Can't decide which one to spend your hard earned $$$ on? Let's have a "Cyclone Beauty Contest"!!

Megahouse version:

TOY-RBT-0073_03 400x554

Toynami version:


CM's Corp version:

TOY-RBT-0101_02 400x499

hmmmmmmm, very tricky. I already pre-ordered the Toynami version, but looking at them all together, the Megahouse one is looking pretty good! Sorry CM's Corp....


Anonymous said...

I actually think I like CM's version the best. It looks the most 'fun' of the two mini-sized armors. Something about the Megahouse version doesn't sit right with me- maybe it's the opaque face shield.

Toynami's Cyclone looks a lot like the old Gakken version (someone on TBDX said they are using the old Imai kit molds), but the QC issues from the Legioss release make me nervous.

toybot studios said...

hmmmmmm, very tricky. I like the look of the Megahouse version the best, but I'm very suspect of Megahouse ever since I purchased one of those palm size Layzners...expensive and not very good...

Anonymous said...

i'm digging the CM's version and megahouse version. CM's looks FUN, and Megahouse looks cool and serious. I prolly won't pick up either though.


Anonymous said...

I'll get Megahouse Scott Bernard
CM's Ley and Toynami Sue Graham.
Got 3 versions but different color.

Anonymous said...

My CM's Patlabor stuff is very nice, but it looks like they still need to learn a bit about hiding screws.

The plastic and colors are off too. It looks like a MSiA and less like a $60 high-end piece. The actual design is off too, look up the original artwork and judge for yourself.

The Toynami one is typical Toynami. Lazy and untalented design that steals from previous work and adds a few more points of articulation. The whole QC issue hangs over everything they make. While it looks like an enhanced version of the Gakken Model kits, it still looks like something from 1983 instead of 2008. Like everything Toynami, I'll wait until it's marked down and pick one up, hoping it's one that isn't too faulty.

The Megahouse one looks to be the most correct, although the wheels are a bit too small. Given I'll rarely have it in bike mode it's not a big issue for me.

It was probably a choice to alleviate the huge issue of top-heaviness the design has, without going the way Gakken did by making the feet enormous. Most people will use a stand (one is probably included) for a more dynamic display than having it stand on its own anyway.

Somewhere I saw a prototype that showed a figure of Mint on the back of Ley's bike. What version and where escapes me, but I'm 80% certain it was the Megahouse release.

Don't forget that the elusive Beagle release has yet to be seen. It's the biggest of them at 1/10 scale, but Beagle isn't known for much outside of some figures, and the scant few details they've shown are nothing but line art.

The next big question is; who will go on and make a Browsperior and Bartley type to round out the set?

toybot studios said...

hey, I haven't seen the Beagle version yet. sounds interesting. 1/10 is big....

post a link to any shots if you can...


Anonymous said...

hmmm sry guys but i still prefer the gakken mospeada cyclone cause it has more metallic parts and heavy even though the biggy leg that seems abit out of proportion. I think the plastic materials of the old toys are way much better and long lasting than nowadays cheapo plastic toys. Probably its just me still prefering old toys than new.

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