Thursday, November 15, 2007

Super 7 x Rumble Monsters Pumpkin Bomber Double Scud!!!

pumpkin_scud 400x488

Super7 x Rumble Monsters PUMPKIN BOMBER DOUBLE SCUD!!!

Super7 is proud to present the PUMPKIN BOMBER DOUBLE SCUD ROBOT!! This blazing, fire shooting robot menace detonates onto the scene just in time to melt away the frosty winter chill, and warm up your toys this holiday season.

Created by Rumble Monsters and Super7, the Pumpkin Bomber Double Scud is 6.5" tall, and cast in burnt orange soft vinyl with brown, black, silver and red spray. Don't miss your chance to bring home this hot-headed fighting robot to light your fireplace this winter!

The Pumpkin Bomber Double Scud will be offered for sale at $80, Saturday December 1st, 11AM at the Super7 Store, first come first served.

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