Monday, November 19, 2007

For All the Toy Parents......

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One of our friends on Skullbrain Laura (aka El Word) has been absent for a while. She recently re-surfaced with a new baby!! Congratulations Laura!! So In honor of parenthood, another boardmember, BloodDrinker6969 started a photo thread asking everyone to post pictures of their mama/papa with baby toy sets. Such a splendid idea!! Who would have thought a guy with a name like BloodDrinker6969 could come up with such a cute photo thread??!! By the way, Blood, 69 alone aint gonna get you any kids....

Anyhoooo, I thought I would post up some of the best pics here. Hypermook above kills it with his Matango pic. The use of two very different toys is awesome. The out stretched arms and expression on the papa Matango is almost too priceless. The little guy on the trike even looks like he's excited to be off on his own...

Next Turtletooth pays an amazing homage to Lone Wolf and Cub with these two Hedorah figures. Great shot. The baby's little smoggy hands look poised to release twin spears of smog!! Lone Wolf and Cub is one of my favorite all-time movie series!!

IMG_0665 400x533

Finally, we have this wonderful shot by Mestizza showing a baby Kanegon dancing at the foot of her parents. Shots like these make the toys come alive...!!

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And since were honoring parents and their babies, I have to re-publish this one of my son Mason just a couple of weeks old already collecting Pushead


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