Monday, November 19, 2007

Real x Head x Lil Japan: Art of the Rising Sons Show at Super 7: December 8th!!!


December 8th is drawing near and that means the wait is almost over for one of the most anticipated events this year: RealxHead x Lil Japan in a show filled with lots of RealxHead toys and artwork.

sneak 400x517

Some of Lil Japan (aka Hiro Hayashi) original artwork to be sold at the show. 11"x14" framed $100-$150 each.

show002-276x387 400x560

show003-378x268 400x283

show001-312x435 400x557

Some of Hiro's custom RealxHead for the show, $100-$200 each. Hiro will be painting an entire set of RealxHead characters in red and black only:

DSCF1234-353x475 400x538

DSCF1241-234x321 400x548

Check out this awesome T-Shirt and Print Set. T-Shirt + 2 prints for $60:

chaost-shirt2-564x434 400x307

chaos-244x344 400x563

octopus-219x287 400x524

What about exclusive RealxHead show releases? How about this teaser shot??

chaos_clip 400x551

Joe Bunny with the old skool flyers...

img051 400x286

img050 400x305

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