Monday, November 26, 2007

CM's Corp Brave Gokin 13 Mospeada Cyclone!!

TOY-RBT-0101_01 400x536

Holy Cyclones, Scott Bernard!! Did the Mospeada license go on sale this year? Did Gakken's exclusive expire or something? CM's Corp hop on the Mospeada Cyclone-wagon is the third version announced this year. Not that i'm complaining, but that's a lot of Cyclones, yo. First we have the Toynami version. Then we had the Megahouse version and now we have the CM's Corp version here. I gotta say i'm torn. It's really hard to tell with just pictures, but I might like the CM's Corp version the least based on the pics. The color looks wrong for one thing and it looks kinda cheap with all the exposed screws. Although it's a bit less expensive that it's cousins at around $50, i'm not sure you're really saving any money....

TOY-RBT-0101_02 400x499

TOY-RBT-0101_03 400x334

TOY-RBT-0101_05 400x198

TOY-RBT-0101_04 400x312

TOY-RBT-0101 400x429

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shornk said...

Yellow's Blowsuperior is out now on HLJ and OverDrive web mall. I have also seen photos of a Houquet finally here:

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