Monday, November 12, 2007

Robert De Castro's Combat-R Zero Color Samples!!!


Holy Mecha!! When I first spied these color samples on ToysREvil Flickr, I almost fell off my chair!! They look amazing!! Much better than I thought they were gonna look and there isn't even a blue or clear colorway in sight! Again, another example of someone like Robert De Castro following his dreams, creating something from nothing and making it happen. Awesome. A lot of the following information is stolen from Andy's interview with Robert. This 9" tall, 7" wide mega mecha will be released in January, 2008 for around $50-$55. The Red, Yellow, Green and Graphite colorways will be limited to 500 pieces each while the special GID version will be limited to only 200 and only with a special bundle that includes the entire set. Please note that final colors may vary...

OD GRN & ORAN SAMP 1 400x549

RED & ORAN SAMP 1 400x530

This Graphite colorway looks chocolate in this picture, but is really supposed to be more graphite grey...

GRAPH & PURP SAMP 1 400x529

YEL & PURP SAMP 1 400x526

GID & PURP SAMP 1 400x536

How big are these guys? HUGE! Check out this comparison to a Rumble Monsters Scud...Better clear off your shelves now cause these guys are gonna take a lot of real estate!!

1971232332_d50e42153e 400x301


Check out this little movie Andy from ToysREvil made on the making of Combat-R Zero. Very cool Andy! Congrats again Robert!! I can hardly wait to these guys stomp all over my other toys!!

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