Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kaws vs Pushead Handpaint #03/11, July 2007

IMG_0956 400x599

The term "Holy Grail" means a lot of different things to many collectors. Some say it's the one piece that would complete your collection. Others say it's whatever toy you want the very most at the moment. For me, it's probably somewhere in the middle. Even before I knew anything about Pushead or Kaws, I always thought this sculp was striking. It reminded me of the Mickey Mouse you would encounter in your worst nightmare, yet it's not very scary. My first KvP was the Silver, then I got the green. I've always wanted the Bronze, but it was too expensive and near impossible to get. When I first saw the handpainted KvP on Pusfan, it seemed impossible that I would ever own one so it became my Holy Grail.

IMG_0968 400x599

IMG_0959 400x599

This particular one is from July 2007 for SDCC. It's #3 of 11 made for the show and it's based on the GID KvP. Triple bonus that it has kinda the same bronze color but much, much more beautiful. It's one of those toys that you can look at every day and see something different. Many, Many thanks to JT and Pus!!

IMG_0951 400x599

IMG_0952 400x599

IMG_0949 400x266

IMG_0988 400x599

IMG_0975 400x599

IMG_0997 400x599

IMG_0989 400x599

IMG_0957 400x599

IMG_0958 400x599

IMG_0954 400x599

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