Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Custom Skuttles from Coaster Bear!!!

PICT3110 400x348

I recently met "Coaster Bear' aka Paul at the Cronic show at Super7 recently. What I didn't know is that he is the creator of one of my favorite custom Touma Skuttles called Electro Skuttle. Created with neon wires, this Time Square Skuttle is awesome! The neon wire and LED's change color with the beat of music! It won Runner Up in the One Up Custom Skuttle Show.

PICT3111 400x344

PICT3116 400x415

He also created this Ika Skuttle which was his first custom. Wow! I'm digging the flames!

PICT3085 400x370

PICT3090 400x309

Great job Paul! Looking forward to more customs from you!!!

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