Monday, November 05, 2007

New BLObPUS Figures for Mandarake Nagoya Opening!!!

sale2a 400x379

BLObPUS has a few stunners lined up for Mandarake Nagoya Grand Opening on November 23rd. I don't collect Dokugan's, but this Blue Blood version above might have to be my first. Fucking rad. BLObPUS, please make an entire set in this colorway....!!! Lucky attendees will get a double dose of Dokugan with this Hydrous colorway below. I'm digging this too.....

sale2b 400x379

But also check out the latest BLObPUS versions...Metamo and Glowth. Completely sick. I want.

sale1 400x599

Congrats to Mandarake for the new store in Nagoya and Thanks to the man in Japan with his finger on the pulse of the new kaiju scene, Datadub

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