Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Secret Base x Crank = Crank Brain!!

IMG_1173 400x599

I've always, always wanted a Secret Base Crank figure, but they were usually too expensive and too hard to obtain on the secondary market. So when the ultra-cool folks at Secret Base set aside a few especially for us overseas collectors, I was super happy to get the tip off from a Rad fellow board member on Skullbrain . Toy Karma is strong in this guy..... Unfortunately, there were only a few as many that emailed Secret Base got a "sold out" reply. You couldn't choose the color so i'm super lucky to get this beautiful and I mean stunning blue version. I love it. Thank You Secret Base, Thank You Crank and Thank You RM!!

IMG_1168 400x599

IMG_1197 400x599

IMG_1176 400x599

IMG_1175 400x599

IMG_1193 400x599

IMG_1177 400x599

IMG_1179 400x599

IMG_1189 400x599

IMG_1185 400x599

IMG_1186 400x599

IMG_1180 400x599

IMG_1187 400x599


Sjors Trimbach said...

Wow, so beautiful. What do the texts on the arms say?
Man, this is good!

toybot studios said...

Skullbrain and Secretbase

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