Friday, November 02, 2007

Gundam HCM Pro Hi-Nu Preview!!

TOY-GDM-0010_03 400x339

For the most part, I feel like i've "grown" out of Gundam. I know this sounds ironic for someone who writes a blog about Japanese toys. It's just that I kinda got tired of the whole toy line. Sure, i'll get the odd Zeonography or Fix Figuration, but for the most part, I don't collect Gundam that much anymore so I don't post pics of new Gundam toys. Well today I am posting a Gundam and it's one of my favorite characters: Gundam Hi-Nu. So far, this figure has only been in kit form. I was tempted to buy the MG Kit, but I knew I wouldn't have the time or patience to put it all together. I've been hoping for a Fix Figuration version, but this HCM Pro mini version will have to do for now. Why do I dig Hi-Nu so much? Well the blue and white colorway is striking for one, but it's those fins on the back that I love. This HCM version comes with a clear stand for super poseability as well. How can you go wrong? Gundam drags me back no matter how hard I try to resist...

TOY-GDM-0010_05 400x421

TOY-GDM-0010_04 400x289

TOY-GDM-0010_06 400x296

TOY-GDM-0010_01 400x400


Anonymous said...

Honestly, the Gundam stuff out recently has not been that exciting. The new FIX stuff seems like a rehash of old figures. The only toy that has me interested is the Shin Musha Gundam FIX set- I'll probably pick that up eventually.

Hi-nu is an interesting choice for an HCM-Pro; now if only they'd do a Nightingale...

toybot studios said...

lol...I feel the same about the recent Fix Figs. not too crazy about them. I kinda dig the Shin Musha but wish it came in a darker, ninja color scheme.

yeah, Nightingale is sick, sick, sick. Like a mutant Sazabi... Never seen it in kit or action figure form?

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