Wednesday, November 28, 2007

toybot studios Campus Edition Popsoda!!!

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Super7 is proud to present the Toybot Studios Campus Edition Pop Soda!!

This pink and purple beauty is first official release by toy customizer and collector Kirkland Jue of Toybot Studios, in collaboration with Pop Soda of Japan, and released by Super7 of San Francisco.

Truly a momentous collaboration, the Toybot Studios Campus Edition Pop Soda figure was designed by Vinyl Superstar Katsura Mori of Real x Head for Pop Soda, with the colorway designed and lovingly hand painted by San Francisco local Kirkland Jue of Toybot Studios.

This syrupy drippy soda jerk is 6" tall, and cast in clear pink vinyl with blue, purple and green sprays. Don't miss your chance to pick up this amazing figure made by a collector for collectors!!

The Toybot Studios Campus Edition Pop Soda will be offered for sale at $70, and will be available at the Super7 Store, Saturday December 15th, at 11AM pacific.

wow, this is a dream come true! I gotta give a HUGE Thank You to Kaiju Taro, Brian and Josh from Super 7, Frank Kozik and of course the Popsoda Crew for making this happen!! Big inspiration from Paul Kaiju, LASH, Shapeshifta, Locomoco, Rhinomilk, Cometdebris, Motorbot, Redhanded, Lamoursupreme, Hiro and of course, Mori!!

The best part of this package is that Josh Herbolsheimer from Super 7 did the header card artwork. We thought it would super cool if we made the entire backside of the package his artwork so you can cut it off from the header card and frame on your wall! Josh's artwork will be approximately 5"x7" and suitable for framing in your toy room!

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This Popsoda figure is called "Campus Edition" because his jacket represents our high school Varsity letterman's jacket at John Marshall High in Los Angeles. Ah, high school....good times....good times...!! Dedicated to the Class of '85 and '86...



Sjors Trimbach said...

How many ways are there for totally freaking awesome?

Anonymous said...

You've gone from fan to creator - awesome!

Anonymous said...

sooo awesome, way to go tb!!

peddle2024 said...

this figure is sweeeeeeeeet! love the color flow! will this be available on the Super7 web store? cuz i don't live anywhere near SF. I have a ton of the popsoda finger puppets, but no actual full figures. i'd love this to be my first!

toysrevil said...

mucho-congratulations duder!!!!!

i'd be lying if i said i wasn't envious, but it's the godhonest-truth that im happy for ya!

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