Monday, November 19, 2007

Tres Amigos!!!

IMG_1159 400x599

Here are a few customs I did a while ago for the Super 7 custom show but couldn't bring myself to sell them. Nothing terribly creative or unique, but all the right colors, eh? hahaha. You feeling the Yakuza tats?

IMG_1160 400x599

IMG_1120 400x599

IMG_1145 400x599

IMG_1124 400x599

IMG_1115 400x599

IMG_1142 400x599

IMG_1129 400x266

IMG_1113 400x599

IMG_1132 400x599

IMG_1126 400x599

IMG_1114 400x599

IMG_1138 400x599

IMG_1121 400x599

IMG_1108 400x599

IMG_1106 400x599

IMG_1148 400x266


Anonymous said...

holy crap Kirkland, KILLER paint apps! The fine details are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...

Anonymous said...

wow, you're really improving! these are wonderful. looking forward to seeing some of your future pieces!

Andy Chang said...

They all look great but your Skullwing pics really caught my eye. Nice job!

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