Monday, November 19, 2007

Toypunks Vol.1 On Sale NOW!!!


The wait is over! Toy Punks is here!!! Order it now to see what this crazy Japanese vinyl is all about..!

After one wild ride, the Toypunks Vol 1 DVD is now available for pre-order! 17.99 plus 4.00 domestic shipping. The DVD will ship DECEMBER 1st!

Toypunks Volume 1 is an odyssee into the world of Japanese toys, fashion and punk rock. Exploring the birth of the designer vinyl explosion from its roots in character culture and punk music, Toypunks Volume 1 takes you in-depth with Japanese fashion icon, Hikaru Iwanaga, creator of the world's first designer toy. Hiddy Kinoshita of Secret Base, Frank Kozik, Balzac, Three Tides Tattoo and more are interviewed highlighting profound cross-cultural connections between today's top creative talents in toys and fashion.

Extras include:

-Uncut Bounty Hunter Interview Ecerpts!

-Hiddy Kinoshita on Sneaker Collecting!

-Frank Kozik on the Death of the Undergound!

-Live Sculpting Session with Kiyoka Ikeda of Gargamel!

-And more!

Toypunks on DVD: Retail 17.99

Shipping: 4.00

Please send payment and shipping information via paypal to
Advance press copies are AVAILABLE NOW. Please request at


Toypunks is a documentary film series covering the converging worlds of Japanese toys, fashion and punk rock. Via location shooting around the globe, toypunks spotlights several top Japanese fashion designers, toy makers and artists illuminating the fact that most of these influential creators find deep roots in DIY, punk and outsider attitudes. Several top US artists and toy makers are included in the discussion, revealing profound parallels between their lives and those of their Japanese contemporaries.

toypunks is collaboration between Justin Kovalsky and Chris Nelson. The two met in Houston, Texas, where Kovalsky was working as assistant editor of Newytpe USA, and Nelson was creating and launching the Anime Network, a 24 hour digital cable network with a footprint of over 20 million households. Kovalsky and Nelson developed a bond around electric guitars and Japanese culture.

Kovalsky grew up in Baltimore, MD, a skateboarding guitarist with an inordinate interest in Japan. He went on to work as a freelance writer for Viz Communications in SF and then, following a stint as assistant editor of Newtype USA, he worked as editor of Super7 magazine. Most recently Justin has been a contributing editor and writer for Juxtapoz magazine, covering the burgeoning designer toy scene with an eye towards upcoming Japanese brands. He has a modest toy collection, featuring a balance of classic characters and current vinyl from the Japanese underground.

Nelson was born and raised in New Orleans, fronting a post-punk band throughout high school. In addition to the interstitial and branding work for Anime Network, Nelson brings 14 years of professional experience as an editor, director, creative director and videographer. Key credits include editor on VH1's Video Timeline series, commercials for Burger King, Continental Airlines and Havoline. He has been a segment editor for ESPN2, Fox and ABC Sports as well as a frequent collaborator with Houston's ttweak, most recently as editor and post production supervisor for Tapping Maple Ridge, a HD documentary about the intersection of wind energy and maple syrup production.

The toypunks crew is thrilled to be joined in Tokyo by collaborator and translator Carl Wormley, who after graduating from Morehouse in Atlanta, GA spent six years living in Nagoya, Japan, which changed his life. Wormley has worked as a designer, subtitle script writer and producer and was recruited by Nelson to be a part of the start up team for Anime Network. Wormley's artwork incorporates paper cutting and folding, textiles, sewing, and lighting into organic three dimensional sculptural works which reference the role of Japanese culture and aesthetics in his life.

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